AUTOAQUA Float valve x2 style ATO

AUTOAQUA Float valve x2 style ATO

AUTOAQUA WIFI Camera and APP controlled pellet food feeder

WIFI Camera and APP controlled pellet food feeder


I.O.T   (Internet of Things)  Devices Disclaimer.

Please Note: 

The I.O.T permeates many areas of our lives already, from small CCTV cameras, Baby Monitors, Smart Speakers, Thermostats, Refrigerators and smart clocks,to name a few, and is becoming more and more popular every day in the Aquarium Industry as well, with the likes of WiFi connected and controlled devices, such as Tank Lighting, Wave Makers, Tank monitoring equipment and thermometers.


Majestic Aquariums is an on-Line and in-store retailer of general Aquarium products and as such we sell a range of products that fall into the I.O.T domain, meaning they require being connected to your home Network or WiFi device.


It needs to be remembered, that many of these devices are made in China by companies that implement great features, but often have little focus on network and data security, usually because they don't understand it, or as in the case of.


There has been a considerable number of instances over the last few years where such devices when added to home networks have allowed attackers to enter networks undetected, then perform all sorts hacking attacks from setting up router systems to attack others, to monitoring network traffic gathering sensitive and personal information as well as setting up back doors to allow the attackers access to other connected devices within you home. In fact one instance in 2017 was a company who deliberately programmed a back door into their devices that they have refused to remove.


For these reasons Majestic Aquariums takes steps to make sure as best as possible, that the devices we sell are secure as possible, However, we can not accept responsibility for damages, arising from the use of these devices, as it is almost impossible for us to know prior to selling these devices, whether they have strong security, or that no security vulnerability is present, whether deliberate or accidental, is contained withing the software of the device. 


Therefore we urge you to take a serious interest in your data network and on-line security by considering any possible risks when adding smart devices to you hobby.


If you have concerns as to the present or future vulnerability or security of your home or business network, Majestic Aquariums can provide a proper  consultation by a network security specialist for $55 1/2 Hour by phone at a time that suits you, making sure you get the most functionality and security from your device.

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