Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (236ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (236ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (946ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (946ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (473ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (473ml)

Thrive Fish Protect Step 2 (473ml)

The second step in our 7 step process addresses salt content in aquarium water.

Freshwater livestock require a specific level of salt as a general tonic and stress reducer.

Salt improves overall gill function and provides electrolytes which are beneficial to all livestock.

Much like our own bodies electrolytes are needed to keep our own salt levels balanced and keep us healthy.

In the same light, Fish Protect provides the same care by helping to reduce the percentage of disease and helps keep fish and other livestock happy and healthy.


For new aquariums: Use 1 capful (5ml) for every 9.5 litres of aquarium water (please see chart). Add directly into aquarium water to establish proper salt level.

For daily maintenance: Add 1 capful (5ml) for every 9.5 litres of replenished water from a water change.

Do not add product to evaporated replacement water. Salt does not evaporate.

Do not use for marine aquariums

This product is harmful if swallowed. This product contains carbonate and bicarbonate salts. If swallowed: give water, get medical attention. May cause eye or skin irritation. If in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes, get medical attention. If on skin, wash thoroughly with water. Keep from freezing. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use this bottle for drinking water.

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